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Center of Excellence for Neural Plasticity and Brain Disorders: BRAINCITY

Braincity is seeking to hire two new group leaders who will join the founding groups of Leszek Kaczmarek and Ewelina Knapska to form a center of excellence for neuroscience with a focus on carrying out fundamental research in neuroplasticity with relevance to human disease. New group leaders will be provided with dedicated laboratory space and core funding to cover start-up and running costs for a group of 4-5 members and subsidized access to animal and core facilities.

Successful candidates are expected to:

Applications should include:

Due to the current situation the deadline for application has been extended from March 30 to April 9, 2020

It is expected that shortlisted candidates will be notified in April and interviews will take place at the Nencki Institute in early June 2020.

Further information related to the scientific programme can be obtained by contacting Leszek Kaczmarek (l.kaczmarek@nencki.edu.pl) and Ewelina Knapska (e.knapska@nencki.edu.pl).

For other inquiries please contact Marta Rucinska (m.rucinska@nencki.edu.pl).

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